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Federation Representative vacancies – Oxford County

Due to retirements from the board a number of vacancies are available for officers posted to or based in Oxford County. This includes one constable, one sergeant and one inspecting rank representative.

To be eligible to apply you must be of substantive rank for the relevant role and you must be posted to one of the county’s LPAs OR based at a police station in the county while serving on one of the HQ depts., Force/Local CID or the JOU.

Application is by way of a Gen 46. The candidate simply needs to express an interest for the role but must be proposed and seconded by substantive officers of the same rank who are also based / posted in Oxford County. Applications must be received 10am Wed 22nd Feb.

The document needs to be signed by all 3 officers with shoulder numbers and posted to Clive Benson, General Secretary, TVP Fed, Thame Office, via the internal mail. The signed document can be scanned and sent as a pdf. to enquiries@tv.polfed.org

If there is only one applicant that person will be appointed and take up the role on 1st Apr 2017. If there are two or more applicants for a role, then an election will take place between 6th – 22nd Mar 2017 via email. This is a simple first past the post election. The winner will be announced on Fri 24th Mar 2017 and take up the role on 1st Apr 17.

If you are successful you will be fully trained on a nationally accredited course receiving a Level 4 Skills for Justice award.

As a Fed Rep you will remain posted to your existing TVP role but afforded duty time to carry out federation representation. For details please contact the General Secretary.

It is strongly advised that you speak with any of the existing Oxon local reps to discuss the role. You may also arrange to meet and discuss the roles and responsibilities of being a Fed rep with Clive Benson, the General Secretary.


The role of a Federation Representative is a demanding but ultimately rewarding one and with formal accreditation through SFJ reps can now enhance their CPD, portfolio and therefore career progression.


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